Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 4

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GFW World Championship Match
Magnus (c) vs Matt Morgan

Result: Magnus def. Morgan via pinfall

Matt Morgan uses his power game early on Magnus and looks to be on his toes.  The match goes to the outside and it doesn’t matter as Morgan continues his control.  Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint in the corner, giving Magnus an opening to come back.  Magnus starts to target the left knee of Matt Morgan as this is the first opening for the Global Force World Champion.  He locks in the figure four but Morgan reverses the pressure as both survive.  After the submission, Morgan regains his momentum and tries to finish the match with his chokeslam but Magnus uses his ring IQ to find the ropes.  The Carbon Footprint connects to the jaw of Magnus and it sends him to the outside as Morgan’s knee is in pain.  The distraction with the championship allows Magnus to pick up the win with a low blow followed by the top rope elbow drop.  Magnus retains the GFW World Championship over Matt Morgan.

This was an enjoyable match between two guys that were major competitors in Impact before.  The two put on a main event quality match before the main event.  Magnus officially turned heel which suits him better anyway and this sets up the match for next week.  The in-ring psychology was amazing between the two and Magnus was always in the right place at the right time.