Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 4

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Kongo Kong vs William Weeks

Result: Kong def. Weeks via pinfall

Weeks brushes off Laurel Van Ness and orders Kong to kill him.  He launches him into the corner as weeks has no chance.  After stepping on Weeks, he crushes Weeks with a corner splash.  Kong debuts a chokeslam backbreaker and Van Ness demands more.  Kong finishes the match with his twirling cannonball followed up by a top rope splash.  Kongo Kong is once again victorious with the help of Laurel Van Ness.

After the match, Braxton Sutter comes in to gain some revenge on Kongo Kong.  He hits a dropkick on Kong and takes him outside of the ring.  The clothesline doesn’t even affect Kong as he lands on his feet.

Kong is an absolute monster who cannot be stopped.  I am excited to see Sutter battle Kong so Kong can be involved in a real feud.  Sutter has a powerful arsenal and it could make for an exciting set of matches between the two.  Braxton Sutter can try but can anyone really stop Kongo Kong?

No. 1 Contenders Match for the GFW World Championship
Eli Drake vs Alberto El Patron

Result: El Patron def. Drake via pinfall

Eli Drake tries to retreat from Alberto El Patron but El Patron chases him down.  Tyrus gives Drake the advantage and he gets thrown out by Brian Hebner.  El Patron turns up the momentum with a suicide dive to Eli Drake.  Drake fights his way back into the match with an aggressive and gritty style.  He shuts down the offense of El Patron with a back suplex on the apron.  The pendulum continues to move in this number one contender’s match.   Even Eli Drake went for a springboard moonsault showing how much a title match means to him.  Both men pulled out some of their signature moves but it was the double foot stomp that would end this match.  Alberto El Patron becomes the No. 1 contender for the GFW World Championship.

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It was nice to see Eli Drake back in a main event spot but it seems like the Impact Wrestling World Championship is being forgotten.  This was a No. 1 Contenders match for the GFW World Championship and this is allowing Lashley to sit back and relax.  Another match where wrestling IQ was at the utmost importance.  Either way, there was no losing for the fans in this match between two top-flight wrestlers.