John Cena’s 5 Greatest WWE Singles Matches

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2. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan – SummerSlam 2013

During this match, everyone kept chanting that Cena couldn’t wrestle. By the end, the opposite had proven to be true. Cena managed to prove that, when the time calls for it, Cena could adopt his style to fit his opponent properly.

In this case, Cena wrestled the smaller but technically-superior Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. The match started off slowly, with both Cena and Bryan exchanging control throughout the first 10 minutes.

After that, however, it quickly became a masterpiece of a match. Every time Cena tried a big move, Bryan could counter it with a great reversal. And whenever Bryan tried to use his technical superiority, Cena would answer with his incredible strength. Ultimately, through these constant, back-and-forth exchanges, the crowd would get louder and louder.

Eventually, they started chanting ‘this is awesome’, which was much more important back then, when it wasn’t used with such frequency as today.

Yet despite Cena’s impressive strength, it wouldn’t be enough to topple Daniel Bryan. Cena lost clean as a sheet to his smaller opponent, but still showed to the world that Cena could hang with even the most brilliant of mat technicians like Daniel Bryan.

Highly Recommended, especially for historic purposes.

Rating: ****3/4