WWE Backlash 2017: 3 Reasons Jinder Mahal Should Defeat Randy Orton

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2. Building Towards the New Era

Jinder Mahal is 30 years old at this time. The Indo-Canadian star is probably at the peak of his career physically and mentally. Randy Orton is 37 years old at the moment and is nearing towards the end of a hall of fame career. That goes in line with the series of injuries he has suffered in the recent past. Moreover, at times, one would think they have seen too much of the Viper at the main event level.

If WWE is committed to the new era and is looking for new stars, Mahal is their answer. He is an unlikely star who possesses the caliber to be at the top. Jinder Mahal still have ways to go in terms of being safer in the ring. However, at present, no one really expects him to win the WWE title. That is where the shock value and promise of the new era could be reaped from. If creative is indeed committed to this cause that is.

Mahal would have a solid 5 – 7 years of in-ring action ahead of him. Even if he never becomes a multi time champion in the WWE, WWE could benefit from this. Mahal might not be the star who could carry the company to the next decade. He is certainly no John Cena. He is not even a Roman Reigns. However, Mahal represents a lot of what the new era could offer the viewer – uncertainty and unpredictability.

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It is not very often that uncertainty surrounds a WWE title match like the way it has this time. There is a very possible scenario WWE decides to go with Mahal should he cause enough heads to turn. That kind of uncertainty and the feeling that anything can actually happen is what the new era needs.