WWE NXT: 5 Superstars on the Rise

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3. Heavy Machinery

The NXT Tag Team Division suffered a blow when the Revival moved up to Raw. They had been a steady foundation for the developmental’s duos since the end of 2015, legitimately becoming “Top Guys” by winning two NXT Tag Team Championships. So, when they were called up, they had no one to take their spot.

Coincidentally, when Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder left, Heavy Machinery’s push began, making them the “replacements.” However, they’re not exactly the villainous team the Southerners came off to be.

Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic are big, not-the-most-in-shape Superstars. However, it plays right into their gimmick of being guys that want to eat food and devour their competition. This has been seen through their last handful of matches, being summed up with a promo from Knight on WWE NXT.

The former Arizona State star called out the Authors of Pain for a chance at the NXT Tag Team Championship. Given the lack of depth in the division, that seems like a match that can happen soon. However, TakeOver: Chicago is a bit soon for this, so Heavy Machinery may have to wait for Brooklyn.

In the meantime, it should be smooth sailing for Knight and Dozovic. They have no one, other than DIY, in their way. It will help them continue to rise, gain popularity and become forces in the NXT Tag Team Division.