4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 8, 2017

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Who’s Next for Alexa Bliss?

When Alexa Bliss addressed the Raw Women’s Division, one could tell just how far she’d come as a performer since NXT. The current Women’s Champion has made incredible strides since arriving on the main roster back in July, and it seems that she has no plans of slowing down. Heading into tonight’s episode, she lacks a number one contender to her title.

Odds are, this is a situation that is going to be rectified soon. The only question is, who will be the one to challenge Bliss? As of this writing, there aren’t a whole lot of legitimate options on the roster. By losing back to back matches via pinfall to the champion, it seems Bayley has fallen into a slump and might leave the title scene. Sasha Banks is a popular choice, but her wild brawl with Alicia Fox last week signals a different feud.

Another credible contender is Nia Jax, however, it is probably wise to have her avoid a heel champion, seeing as how she’s a heel herself. Of course, she could be inserted into a multi-woman match, the issue would be finding a third athlete.

Case in point, I think a great opponent who’s gotten lost in the shuffle lately is Mickie James. Back when these two women were on SmackDown Live, their alliance ended with no payoff whatsoever. The reasoning WWE provided was that James was promised a shot at the Women’s Championship (that Bliss held) but didn’t receive it. Because of this, they never got to have a meaningful one on one encounter.

If WWE goes this direction, then they already have a storyline that has experienced previous developments. Whichever route is eventually selected, Bliss may have a tough road ahead.