4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 8, 2017

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A Second Chance at Glory

One of the promoted matches heading into tonight’s episode of Raw is the tag team turmoil contest. As previously stated, the winning team will earn the right to face the Hardy Boyz for the Tag Team gold. With five teams in the mix, there are plenty of potential feuds waiting in the wings. However, in this instance, WWE may decide that a rivalry that is already developing will be the way to go.

At Payback, Cesaro and Sheamus lost to Matt and Jeff Hardy in an admirable effort. The duo looked strong in defeat, and a show of respect afterward seemed to reflect that belief. Leaving the champions in the ring to celebrate, the challengers appeared to leave with their heads held high.

All of a sudden, everything changed, and Cesaro and Sheamus came back to the squared circle and attacked the champions. Their assault left the Hardy Boyz down and out, which apparently offered the losing team something to smile about.

Due to this assault, the feud between these two teams is likely to continue over the coming weeks. Seeing as how tonight offers a logical way for them to reenter the title hunt, expect them to emerge victoriously. A win here would allow them to regain the momentum they lost at Payback, and in turn become realistic threats to the titles. Plus, a victory is surely going to lead to the duo embracing their heel turn even further.

Should WWE decide to throw curve ball into the mix, Goldust and R-Truth are the second most likely team to win. Their backstage segment last week hinted at one last run for the duo. However, if they won, Cesaro and Sheamus would likely just interfere in the Tag Title match to continue their feud anyway.