WWE Raw, May 8: 3 Booking Decisions That Should Have Been Made

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What booking decisions should have been made to make the May 8 edition of WWE Raw a better one?

The May 5 edition of WWE Raw hit us from London. Despite the usually hot crowd, the show failed to tap into the energy of the crowd and deliver a solid show. However, that takes nothing away from the in-ring aspect of the night. All matches were good, mostly. However, there were no great matches and no great moments. One of the loudest reactions of the night came when Roman Reigns made his presence felt.

However, be as it may, one would have to wonder if creative had to resort to Reigns making an appearance. The show boasted an abundance of talent. However, a little more effort from the creative team could have turned the all-around appeal of the show. On a night with some good moments and very few great moments, a few tweaks would have made a lot of difference.

Creative could have made better use of Balor’s star power and pushed forward to the next PPV. However, that wouldn’t be the case as they chose to stick with familiar tried and tested booking methods this week. Join us as we analyze the show and nitpick the booking decisions that could have made more impact.