WWE Raw, May 8: 3 Booking Decisions That Should Have Been Made

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2. Roman Reigns Should Have Stayed Off Television

It could be argued that creative would have wanted to feature their top star in London. However, doing so during the televised part hurt everyone involved. It is true that Reigns brought out one of the loudest reactions of the night with the crowd split in two. However, they could have done just the same during a dark match or segment after the show.

To begin with, there was no need for Kalisto to demand one more match with Strowman. He got the win in the dumpster match. Kalisto should have been happy about it and should have aimed for something else from the on. Secondly, a less than 100% Reigns attacking a less than 100% Strowman was bad for business. Strowman came off in a vulnerable position there. Moreover, it diminished the effects of Strowman’s beating on Reigns from the past week.

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Creative could have instead opted to remove this entire angle from this week’s Raw. It is true that they would have needed a way to keep Strowman off TV for 4-8 weeks. However, a single statement from Angle alone could have done that. If they really had to do something, creative could have still gotten away without Reigns. Have Reigns’ music hit the PA system like it did on Monday. However, instead of Reigns showing up and beating Strowman, Kalisto could have drop kicked him out of the ring. A fall on his bad arm could have been enough to highlight Strowman’s injury.