4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: May 9, 2017

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The Viper Seeks Mahal

For the past several weeks, Jinder Mahal has been in possession of the WWE Championship. He gained the belt by attacking Randy Orton alongside his new henchmen in the form of the Singh Brothers. Since then, he’s participated in photo shoots in which he’s posed with the title. Those photos helped to instill the idea that Mahal could win at Backlash, but now it’s time for things to return to normal.

Case in point, it’s imperative that the Viper regains the championship that is rightfully his. The longer this theft is allowed to continue, the less valuable the title is going to seem. If Orton was so proud to be WWE Champion, why wouldn’t he have fought tooth and nail to gain his belt back? As for Mahal, what’s the virtue of keeping the title before you even win it?

Mind-games made sense to a point, but the longer this goes the more it’s going to seem as though he’s afraid to let it go. Because if he were to do so, he might not have the athleticism or in-ring prowess to defeat the Viper. Come to think of it, shouldn’t Shane McMahon just demand that Mahal returns the championship? It makes sense for a leadership and business standpoint for the Commissioner to have a vested interest in his champion promoting the title.

Whatever ends up coming to pass tonight, expect Mahal and Orton to have some type of interaction. Their match at Backlash is going to be one of the most important matches on the card, and Mahal, in particular, needs to deliver. If the contest is well-received, then this seemingly random ascension above the ranks may continue and be warranted.