WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis and Grades for May 10

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Credit: WWE.com

Ruby Riot Vignette

A vignette for Ruby Riot takes place to help the fans get to know the contender for the NXT Women’s Championships.

The video package highlights how she has made sacrifices in the past and how she is different, and isn’t afraid to be different from the traditional women’s wrestler. This is what makes her so unpredictable in the ring and what gives her that never say die attitude for every match.

She explains that every tattoo she has contains a story and she’s hoping to add the story of the NXT Women’s Championship next.

Nikki Cross Interview

This interview just shows how crazy Nikki Cross really is. She keeps hitting the employees that try to help set her up for the interview, and she keeps jumping off and on the chair like it is fun.

There are several takes due to technical difficulties because Nikki Cross keeps messing with the equipment and WWE employees.

Finally, Cross takes the mic and becomes serious. She keeps asking where Riot, Asuka, and her championship are as she moves closer and closer to the camera until it is uncomfortable to watch. Nikki Cross did an amazing job of being unpredictably crazy and certifiably insane.

Drew McIntyre Interview

McIntyre said in his interview that he was looking forward to the match between Strong and Itami, but he was disappointed that he wasn’t in the mix. He said that he was determined to get his shot and was not going to let his second chance with the company go to waste.

Wesley Blake then interrupted to say that he was the only one that deserved a second chance because he used to be an NXT Tag Team Champion. He told Drew McIntyre that he should just leave and walked away.

Patrick Clark Vignette

This was a quick vignette for Patrick Clark’s Velveteen Dream gimmick. The flashing pink colors and dancing make it seem as though Clark will be reappearing on NXT television with his same flamboyant gimmick.