4 Ways Braun Strowman’s Injury Will Impact WWE Raw

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Braun Strowman going down with an elbow injury will impact WWE Raw, but how?

Braun Strowman had been WWE’s hottest performer since WrestleMania 33. This is from mauling and brutalizing most of the Raw roster and defeating Roman Reigns clean at WWE Payback.

However, that momentum will temporarily be sidelined. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported Strowman needing elbow surgery, which will put him out of action for 4-8 weeks. This has WWE rewriting plans for Extreme Rules and Great Balls of Fire — Raw’s next two exclusive pay-per-views.

There will be fallout from Strowman’s injury, which has the chance of affecting multiple Superstars and storylines. How could this go down as soon as this Monday’s episode of Raw?

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4. Is This Why Dean Ambrose vs. Miz is Happening on Raw?

In maybe the best match to happen on Raw in 2017, the Miz defeated Finn Balor and Seth Rollins to become the No. 1 Contender to Dean Ambrose’s WWE Intercontinental Championship. It looked like it set a feud up for Extreme Rules, until WWE announced Ambrose vs. Miz for the May 15 episode of Raw. The Intercontinental Championship will be on the line.

Once in a while, WWE will give away a match before a PPV, but not in the form of a title bout. That makes this addition to Raw surprising, if you don’t factor in Strowman’s injury.

By taking Strowman out of Raw, it may shuffle everything. That could mean the Ambrose vs. Miz feud ends by next week, with one of these two feuding with someone else that’s potentially being moved around, too.

Of course, we could see a chaotic finish to Ambrose vs. Miz, leading to a rematch at Extreme Rules. The timing of the announcement came on the day Strowman’s injury got reported, though, so maybe we aren’t getting this match at the June PPV and just a one-off on Raw.

If the Intercontinental Championship picture is being shaken up, then someone else may rise to the forefront. Options include Apollo Crews, Big Show and Kalisto.