Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 11

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First Round Matchup in the GFW Tag Team Championship Tournament
Hakim Zayn and Idris Abraham vs Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.

Result: Garza Jr. and Kid def. Zayn and Abraham via pinfall

The pace was up tempo from the beginning with Laredo Kid starting the match against an outmatched Hakim Zayn.  Garza Jr. slows down the pace for a more confidence style with showmanship as this let Zayn and Abraham back into the match.  It was short lived when the fresh Kid made his way back into the match.  A 450 splash by Kid and a moonsault by Garza Jr. to the outside put an end to this match.  Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. are victorious and advance to the next round of the tournament.

It has been a while since the Impact Zone has seen Abraham and Zayn.  They seemed to be the underdog since Kid and Garza Jr. have been heavily showcased.  Kid and Garza were even in the number one contender’s match for the Impact Tag Team Championships.  There was no surprise on where this match was going but it is more intriguing to see the other teams that will challenge.