Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 11

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Ava Storie vs Laurel Van Ness

Result: Van Ness def. Storie via pinfall

Storie tries to roll up Van Ness early in this match but this simply enrages Laurel Van Ness.  Van Ness has a new attitude since the botched wedding between her and Braxton Sutter.  The early flurry by Storie was cut short and Van Ness wins with her Curb Stomp.  After the match, Laurel Van Ness continues her attack and stands tall with Kongo Kong.

This was basically a jobber match but Ava Storie had a slight chance at offense.  I liked this because not only does it get Van Ness back into the ring but it also shows her character in the ring.  There is character development by putting her back into the ring under this gimmick.  The combination of her and Kongo Kong should be interesting.

The Decay’s Funeral Hosted by LAX

The scene is set with some of LAX in face paint as they pull up in their hot rod.  They make their way to the arena under some somber music similar to the Undertaker.  LAX carry urns to the ring to represent the members of Decay.  As Konan is giving his version of a eulogy, the camera pans to the catwalk where Rosemary stands.  Konan changes from a melancholy tone to sheer disrespect.  He talks about the funeral being symbolic of what will happen when teams step off to LAX.  A fan starts to wave an American flag in the crowd and Konan takes offense to this “good ole boy”  Konan goes outside of the ring and pushes the fan down as Veterans of War’s music plays.  VOW cleans out the ring sending LAX fleeing from the scene.

This was an interesting way to write Crazy Steve and Abyss off of TV.  With Rosemary being shown in the rafters, it makes fans wonder if she will recreate the Decay.  The rivalry with Veterans of War was obvious after Konan attacked the patriotic fan.  It is odd that VOW just debuted a week ago and are already in the tag team title picture.