Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 11

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Impact Grand Championship Match
Moose (c) vs Marshe Rockett

Result:  Moose def. Rockett via pinfall

Marshe Rockett challenged Moose to a match on social media this week and Moose shows that he’s a fighting champion.  Rockett tries to jump on Moose early in the first round but Moose fights his way back with his agility.   Marshe Rockett is taken to the outside of the ring with a minute left in the first round.  He rolls back into the ring but the offense doesn’t stop and Moose is awarded the first round.

The momentum continues into the second round.  Marshe Rockett looks like he hasn’t ever seen a Grand Championship match.  Moose finishes the match in the second round with a chokeslam to Rockett.  After the match, Tyrus makes his way to the ring to allow Eli Drake to jump Moose from behind.  Chris Adonis comes down to the ring and locks in the Adonis Lock.  The beaten ends with a chair shot to the back of Moose by Eli Drake.

It seems like this match was here not even for the match but for the aftermath.  Chris Adonis’ return sets up the rivalry that we saw start a few weeks ago with the attack in Canada.  There is also a new wrinkle with Eli Drake and Tyrus added to the fold.  After the attack, there was a combined theme song with both Adonis’ and Drake’s music.  Could this mean a new faction in Impact Wrestling?