Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 11

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Alisha Edwards vs Angelina Love

Result: Edwards def. Love via disqualification

Alisha Edwards storms to the ring and starts her attack on Angelina Love.  Love fights back into the match and turns up the aggression. Just as it looks like she’s in control, Alisha fights back.  Even Davey Richards’ involvement couldn’t help love but she goes for a chain.  Love is disqualified after striking Alisha with the chain.  Eddie  Edwards tries to help his wife but is hit on the surgically repaired knee by Davey Richards.  Once again, both Edwards are left laying prone in the middling up the ring.

This could possibly be one of the best feuds of the year.  From its inception, it has been amazing and the adding of the wives has helped too.  There was a chance that it was set to end at the Last Man Standing match a few weeks ago but I am glad it didn’t.  This is one of the rivalries that has to last at least until Slammiversary but there should still be a championship around it.

GFW World Championship Match
Magnus (c) vs Alberto El Patron

Result: El Patron def. Magnus via submission

Magnus jumps out in front using his bare-knuckle style.  He starts to keep El Patron on the ground to keep his momentum low.  Magnus goes to the top turnbuckle but El Patron meets him at the top.  Both men tumble down and it causes a stalemate midway through the match.  Alberto El Patron picks up the tempo but the Global Champion makes sure it doesn’t last long.  Magnus can’t even finish El Patron with his signature diving elbow drop.  The match goes to the outside and Magnus drops Alberto El Patron with a back suplex but Alberto beats the count.

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The two trade submission with El Patron locking in the cross armbreaker and Magnus utilizing his Texas Cloverleaf.  Magnus starts to work the leg late in the match possibly setting up the Cloverleaf again.  The Global Champion plays opossum by letting El Patron miss his double foot stomp to bring himself comfortably into the match.  Somehow Alberto El Patron locks in the cross armbreaker to become the new GFW Global Champion.