WWE: The New Day Has a ‘Freebird’ Idea


The New Day has an interesting idea for their next innovation in WWE.

The New Day we know and love is nothing close to the New Day we were first given. When the trio came into existence in 2014 they were presented as a faux-gospel group that was soundly rejected by fans. Fortunately, the WWE quickly realized there was trouble and turned the group into a heel faction that relied more on comedy than testimonials and a new fan favorite was born.

In the wake of the brand split, New Day was sent to Smackdown: Live but they have yet to debut. Since the team is known for reinventing their gimmick so as to keep it fresh, they were recently asked by Sportskeeda what they could bring to the blue brand. Their responses to the various questions are genuinely interesting but perhaps none more so than their take on a potential singles run:

"Big E: You never know.Kofi: You never know. The thing about singles titles is when one of us is champion, we are all champions. So it’s in the cards. There’s a lot of championship titles out there that need to be won and we like winning. So, we’ll see. Like I always say, you never know what’s gonna happen.Big E: It’s true. And I think it would be fresh. I think to have a trio ‘Freebird’ a singles title. That would be cool. It’s something we’ve talked about many times, and we’re ready to shake things up."

The “Freebird Rule” states that any two wrestlers of a team involving three or more members can defend their championship. This rule normally applied to tag teams but has been used for singles belts as well.

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Smackdown is in desperate need of something new for their tag team division. Personally, I don’t think the tag team picture has been interesting since Heath Slater and Rhyno formed an unlikely partnership and won the belts. New Day was a breath of fresh air when their gimmick turned into a comedy routine that has thus far included trombones, over-sized cereal boxes and ice cream trucks. They are beloved by fans of all demographics and in order to stay that way, a singles run with all three men winning and defending a belt using the Freebird Rule would be a fantastic decision.