WWE Raw: Sheamus and Cesaro Need to Win Now


Sheamus and Cesaro have another shot at the Raw Tag Team Championships and must win them.

Sheamus and Cesaro have earned another shot at The Hardy Boyz and the Raw Tag Team Championship. After winning a Tag Team Turmoil Match on this past Monday’s WWE Raw, the freshly-turned heels find themselves in a make-or-break spot.

Sheamus and Cesaro have been wildly entertaining since they were forced to team up at the end of their best-of-seven series in the fall of 2016. It seemed a little forced and it wasn’t the perfect start, but the results have been very positive.

At the beginning, they were getting mixed reactions, because people loved Cesaro, but they weren’t too into Sheamus. WWE stuck with it though and got Sheamus to achieve babyface reactions as well. That is until WWE Payback.

It was at Payback when Sheamus and Cesaro challenged The Hardy Boyz for the Raw Tag Team Championship, but came up short. The European Superstars did what they had done during the weeks prior to Payback, showed the Hardys respect. They shook the champions’ hands and walked out, but this time they returned and laid waste to the reinvented Attitude Era stars.

That led to Sheamus and Cesaro being one of the first two teams to enter a Tag Team Turmoil Match to become new No. 1 Contenders. In that match, Sheamus and Cesaro defeated every team, earning themselves another match with The Hardy Boys at WWE Extreme Rules.

The next time those belts are on the line, Sheamus and Cesaro have to leave as champions.

As fun as it has been to have The Hardy Boyz back in WWE, the division very quickly becomes a joke if they defeat Sheamus and Cesaro again. It’s already seemed like those two teams are above every other team, but it will be so much worse if the Hardys retain again and establish themselves on an even higher level.

Matt and Jeff are 42 and 39, respectively. They can’t be running the division. WWE’s done a good job of building them up and now it’s time for them to put somebody over.

I’m usually calling for all title-changing victories to be clean, but this would be the perfect time for a team to cheat to win. Cesaro is generally a fan-favorite, so it’s tough to get heat on him. The best way to do it would be to cheat a red-hot face team, that also happens to be a fantastic nostalgia act, out of their titles.

It also gives the Hardys a much-needed opportunity. With rumors swirling that WWE has secured the rights to the “BROKEN” characters, The Hardy Boyz need a reason to break. Being cheated out of their titles is the perfect reason for that and it gives them multiple ways to move forward as a unit or individually.

More importantly, Cesaro and Sheamus need this for themselves. They’ll be heels. They’ll be champions. They’ll finally breakthrough the division that has been dominated by The New Day for a very long time, then when they left for SmackDown Live, The Hardy Boyz came. It’s been a division that didn’t allow for growth, just ask Enzo and Cass, and Anderson and Gallows.

It’s Cesaro and Sheamus’ time. They are the most versatile team the Raw Tag Team Division has to offer. They give WWE the most to work with because they can fit multiple roles and matchup well with anybody. They deserve to be champions. They need to be champions.

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If they don’t walk out with the belt, it’s time for them to cut their losses and go their separate ways.