15 Best WWE Tag Team Champions of All Time

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Who are the 15 best WWE Tag Team Champions of all time?

On June 3, 1971, tag team gold was introduced to Luke Graham and Tarzan Tyler. These tag team titles would go on to be known as the “WWF World Tag Team Championship” Many great names in the history of the WWE have gone on to don the prestigious title. Ric Flair, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, and Andre The Giant to name a few. However; this list is about one band one sound. This list will showcase how superstars came together and dominated the tag team scene as a cohesive unit to become the best WWE Tag Team Champions of all time.

The tag team titles were combined a few times in history as well. When WWE purchased WCW in 2001 and again after the RAW  and Smackdown brands unified the titles back in 2010 (sorry Harlem Heat, WWE champions only, but there is love for you as one of the greatest teams ever).  There were many great moments and matches between awesome tag teams in WWE throughout history. These 15 teams proved to be some of the greatest champions in my eyes. You know what happens when you are the best tag team? Do you know what happens when you are the best of all time? You make The Dean’s List, that’s what. Finally, let’s reveal the 15 best WWE Tag Team Champions of all time.

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15. MNM 

Surprised? Don’t be; this tag team belongs on the list. Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro (yeah he is the same guy as John Morrison, and uh Johnny Mundo too), and Melina made up the team MNM. They had a pretty unique gimmick (Tyler Breeze and Fandango please take notes on the WWE Network of this team), they had the look, they had the manager, red carpet entrances, the paparazzi, and most importantly they held championship gold three times. How many teams can say they have won championships in their debut match?

MNM made their Smackdown debut on Carlito’s Cabana in 2005. The flamboyant team made a big statement that night. Mercury and Nito interrupted one-half of the tag team champions, Rey Mysterio, and gave him a beatdown. They let it be known they were the new “it factor” on WWE’s tag team scene. This attack led to MNM getting a title shot for their in-ring debut appearance on Smackdown at Madison Square Garden. WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio looked like they would retain, but when Rey was going for the 619 on Mercury; Melina stopped him then distracted Eddie. During the distraction, Nitro and Mercury hit Mysterio with the Snapshot to claim their first WWE Tag Team Championship.

MNM would go on to have the titles two more times (249 days total) feuding with L.O.D 2005, The Hardys, Batista and Mysterio, and their nemesis Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Their last run was their longest as champions before dropping the titles to London and Kendrick. MNM provided us with great in ring work thanks to Mundo, I mean Morrison, I mean Nitro, and who can forget that nasty nose job Joey Mercury got at Armageddon in a ladder match. That alone helps them on this list.