15 Best WWE Tag Team Champions of All Time

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6. Demolition

The countdown would not be complete without this team being added. Ax and Smash comprised the team Demolition. The duo looked like a typical 1980s rock band with the attitudes to match. They came to the ring in spiked out jackets, leather hockey masks, and face paint. Thus this gimmick for them was perfect for the heels they portrayed. No other team in the WWE dominated like Demolition did in their prime. They have three title reigns to prove they are one of the best tag team champions of all time.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the tag team division was crowded and very talented. So, for Demolition to do the things the did during this time is impressive. Furthermore, they went on to have the longest reign as WWE World Tag Team Champions. Ax and Smash ran through every tag team that was a babyface in the WWE at the time (Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, and Money Inc included). As a result, they received their first title shot at WrestleMania IV against Strikeforce. The victory there started the record breaking journey.

After beating team after team, Demolition would come into one of their biggest feud with the Powers of Pain. While this team would prove to be their biggest test, it was not good enough. Demolition would even turn face after then manager Mr. Fuji turned on them in favor of Powers of Pain. Ax and Smash would survive with the titles for 478 days before dropping them to The Brain Busters.

The last two reigns for Demolition did not have the same dominance that the first reign had. The group had lost a member (Ax) and gained a member (Crush), thus taking away the aura of the team. In addition to that, with L.O.D on the scene during Demolition’s decline, the feud between them did not have that big match feel it was supposed to have. In conclusion, Demolition place in the Hall of Fame will come one day. The record title run (before New Day claimed it), in addition to the 698-day total reign, puts them in the company of the best tag team champions of all time.