15 Best WWE Tag Team Champions of All Time

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5. The New Day

Aw Daily DDT, don’t you DARE be sour, CLAP for YOUR #5 BEST WWE Tag Team Champions, and FEEL THE POWER! This team right here is by far the most popular team ever assembled. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and the mastermind Xavier Woods formed the team of positivity, The New Day. What negativity is there to be said about The New Day? They are promo machines, merchandise sellers, seat fillers, great in and out of the ring, and owners of a record title reign. For two years straight The New Day carried a flourishing tag team division and that ain’t booty.

The Power of Positivity wasn’t always so powerful for his trio. The New Day formed in 2014 after Woods sold Big E. and Kofi on the idea of being heels. The team tweaked their gimmick and started getting real heel heat. This led to Extreme Rules being where The New Day would win their first WWE Tag Team Championship defeating Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. All three members would be viewed as tag team champions under the “Freebird” rule.

The real run to greatness would start at SummerSlam when The New Day would gain the championship for the second time. It was during this time that The New Day became much watch TV. They took on every tag team in WWE from the Lucha Dragons to The Dudley Boys. The New Day train rolled along all 2016 and then came December 12th. The New Day competed in two triple threat matches that threaten their reign. They would go on winning both those matches. As a result, New Day unseated Demolition as the longest reigning tag team champions of all time.

The New Day would drop the titles that Sunday to Sheamus and Cesaro. But New Day 483 day reign was in the record books. The Power of Positivity is now on display for the blue brand, and it seems like another title reign will be on the way. Consequently adding to the magic that is New Day as the best tag team champions of all time. BECAUSE … NEW … DAY… ROCKS!