15 Best WWE Tag Team Champions of All Time

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Photo Credit: WWE.com

2. The Hardy Boyz

Before they were BROKEN and making foes OBSOLETE, this tag team at number two, was just Team Xtreme. Jeff and Matt: The Hardy Boyz. The Hardys brought a unique brand of wrestling to the WWE tag scene at the height of the Attitude Era. Matt and Jeff didn’t have any cool catch phrases. They just went out and put on an amazing high flying, high octane show. They were two brothers out there stamping their place in history as the best tag team champions of all time.

The Hardy Boyz would start their career managed by Micheal Hayes. In what was probably one of the more shocking wins of their young careers they defeated The Acolytes for their first championship win. After the losing the titles back to The Acolytes, they became heels and teamed up with Gangrel. This would signal the start to the feud with Edge and Christian. They would compete against them in the first ever tag team ladder match coming out victorious. The Hardys were also competitors in the first ever TLC match with Edge and Christian and The Dudley Boyz. These three teams would feud and trade the titles back and forth much of 2000.

The Hardy Boyz are enjoying the second coming of greatness as a tag team. This can be attributed to someone’s “Broken Brillance.” Matt and Jeff and their expedition of gold as brought them back to the “Great Game” and they are in their 7th reign as tag team champions. We all as fans are hoping that we will get to see “Broken” Matt Hardy, Brother Nero, King Maxel, Queen Rebecca, and Senor Benjamin in the WWE soon. Until then, their place in tag team history can not be DELETED.