15 Best WWE Tag Team Champions of All Time

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Photo Credit: WWE.com

11. Mr. Fuji

Yes, I know he is known for being one of the greatest managers. However, Mr. Fuji was also a 5 time WWE Tag Team champion. Mr. Fuji as a competitor held the title for a combined 932 days. As a manager, add about another 400 plus days to that total.

Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka had plenty of success in the 1970s. The devious team won the WWE Tag Team Championship three times in that decade. After a successful run with Prof. Tanaka; Mr. Fuji would team with Mr. Saito in the early 80s. As a duo, they would feud with Fuji’s nemesis the Strongbows. Mr. Fuji would claim the tag titles twice more before he hung up his boots for good.

Mr. Fuji would manage the likes of Yokozuna and Owen Hart (tag team champions), The Powers of Pain, and of course Demolition. His legacy is cemented in the Class of 2007 Hall of Fame. This was just further proof. He was a larger than life character, and larger than life champion.