Chris Jericho’s 5 Best Moments with ‘The List’

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Chris Jericho,

“The List of Jericho” has taken an unholy number of victims over the last year, but whose sentencing by Chris Jericho was the most iconic?

His latest WWE run may be over, but the adulation for Chris Jericho has yet to subside after what was arguably his greatest stint in a storied 27-year career.

That says a lot, considering the long list of accolades Jericho holds under his belt with WWE alone, including his victories over both The Rock and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in a single night to become the first-ever Undisputed Champion at Vengeance in 2001.

So, what made Jericho’s most recent outing so noteworthy?

We can talk all day about Jericho’s in-ring skills and his ability to shift character at the drop of a hat, but one thing that’s undeniable about Y2J is his innovation.

Not willing to become complacent with his existing catchphrases and mannerisms, Jericho added a whole host of new arrows to his quiver, freshening up his character in a way that old-timers rarely have to, given their existing popularity.

The man went the extra mile in bringing us the gift of Jericho, warning us that we’re going to get… “IT!” and introducing us to the now infamous “List of Jericho”.

WWE Superstars, celebrities and fans alike have been making the list for close to a year, and one can’t help but hang on his every word when he clicks his pen and delivers the ultimate sentence for being a “stupid idiot”.

Now that he’s come and gone once again, let’s journey back and take a look at the five greatest moments in the brief history of the List of Jericho. Read on, maaaaaan.