Chris Jericho’s 5 Best Moments with ‘The List’

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3. “How come my name’s on this?”

We all knew it was coming, but no amount of foreshadowing could prepare us for the tragedy that occurred on February 13 at the “Festival of Friendship”.

In a bid to express just how much he cared about Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho organized a show to end all shows. Filled with gifts of sculptures and paintings, performances of magic and burlesque – and a Gillberg appearance thrown in for good measure – Jericho poured his heart out to the WWE Universal Champion and thanked him for making this latest installment of his career one of the most enjoyable to date.

All the pageantry aside, Jericho’s speech to Owens was genuine and heartfelt, which sold their connection better than any tag match or outside interference ever could.

It culminated with Owens returning the favor, offering a gift to his friend that, albeit not as big of a gesture as the ceremony Jericho had organized, would exemplify just how seriously Owens took his kinship to “The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla”.

What could be more appropriate than a brand new list? Only this list did not belong to Jericho. He was merely the subject, as Owens blindsided the WWE United States Champion and ended the story of Jeri-KO with an exclamation mark.

Retaliation for Jericho accepting Goldberg’s challenge for Fastlane, perhaps? Or simply Owens slipping into the old ways that Sami Zayn knew all too well about from NXT?

Whatever the case, this moment – the only “list” moment on here that ended with Jericho on his back – remains as one of the most prevalent in Jericho’s latest stint with the WWE. Heartbreaking as it was, it kick-started a tremendous feud and allowed the fans to embrace Jericho as a babyface before he stepped away.