WWE Backlash: 5 Best Performers of All Time

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credit: wwe.com

5. Chris Jericho

Kicking off this list, and “The List”, is Chris Jericho.  Now Jericho didn’t have a great record at Backlash, and to be honest that’s a theme that’s going to show up a few more times in this article.  It’s not always about wins and losses but more of how a superstar entertains the WWE Universe while in the ring, and Jericho has been doing that for almost two decades.  He’s competed at 6 different Backlash events and compiled a respectable 3-3 record but he also proved to be Backlash’s most consistent performer.

Jericho’s 2000 match with Chris Benoit for the Intercontinental title, his two on one Handicapped Match against Christian and Trish Stratus in 2004, another Intercontinental title match against Shelton Benjamin in 2005, and a submission victory in a terrific match against a then 56 year old, Ricky Steamboat bin 2009 are the highlights of Jericho’s mat wizardry during the Backlash event.  Heck, he was even great as the special guest referee in the 2008 Shawn Michaels versus Batista clash.

Now unfortunately Jericho will not be at Backlash this year.  He’s now a member of the RAW brand and even if he wasn’t, it appears that he’s going to be taking some time off to focus on his music career.  But if the last two years of Jericho are the baseline for what he’s going to bring when he returns, expect him to have at least a couple more Backlash classics.