5 Potential Contenders to the WWE United States Championship

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Who could become the next WWE United States Champion?

Since the Superstar Shakeup, both midcard titles have been (somewhat) elevated. The Intercontinental Championship on Raw has taken the main event because WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is absent. Meanwhile, on SmackDown Live, the United States Championship has taken center stage.

AJ Styles was put in a number one contender’s bout for the US title and won. So the Phenomenal one will take on the US Champion Kevin Owens at Backlash 2017. Both men competing at Backlash are former world champions. A few months ago KO was the Universal Champion before losing in disappointing fashion to Goldberg at Fastlane and Styles lost his WWE title to John Cena in a classic at the Royal Rumble.

With two main event level talents going head-to-head in the squared circle, it is obvious that the WWE wants to elevate the prestige of the championship.  Whether they actually want the title to headline events, or simply elevate its prestige in order to push talent.

The United States Championship has a storied history and if Cena’s open challenge taught the WWE Universe anything; it taught us that given the time and talent, the US title can be over with the fans and feel important.

With that being said let’s look at five superstars who could hold the United States Championship in the future.