5 Potential Contenders to the WWE United States Championship

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5. AJ Styles

The Phenomenal Ene is the current No. 1 contender for the US title and theoretically, he is the first person who could potentially become the champion.  With that being said, Styles winning the US title would certainly help with the belt’s prestige.

When Styles came to the WWE, most fans would have been satisfied with him getting one good run with a midcard belt (most likely the Intercontinental Championship). One amazing year later, and the WWE Universe has higher expectations for the former Mr.TNA.

Styles debuted at the Royal Rumble, had a classic match with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, formed the Club (continuing his momentum from NJPW) and had an all-time great feud with “the face that runs the place” John Cena before winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Since losing the title at the Royal Rumble and subsequently losing his “rematch” at Elimination Chamber, he went on to wrestle Shane McMahon at WrestleMania, in objectively a good entertaining match. Many fans have troubled by his recent booking, mostly due to him being (literally) the best worker in the company and seemingly not remaining in the main event scene. So when he turned face (sort of) after WrestleMania and entered the US title picture, this consequently confirmed many fans biggest fears.

However, Styles becoming the US Champion now is so much different than one year ago. Now the Phenomenal One is a former WWE Champion, the “face that runs the place” on SD Live and on the brand he built. One could argue Styles is more prestigious than the United States Championship.

Not to mention that before he was Mr. TNA, he was in WCW, the promotion that gave us the US title. If Styles were to win the US belt they would have a reason to show his WCW highlights and bring up the historic lineage of the title.

Styles does not need the United States Championship; the US title needs him.