5 Potential Contenders to the WWE United States Championship

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4. Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura has yet to make his in-ring debut for SmackDown Live. Regardless of that fact, most of the WWE Universe believes he is destined to hold gold in the near future. Most fans of NXT and NJPW have imagined the King of Strong Style holding the WWE title but what about the other belt on the blue brand?

Nakamura already has a main event aura around him. So in any case, it does not matter what title he is wrestling for, it will already have the big fight feel. He is so over, it does not matter who the US Champion is. Whether it is Owens or Styles, either or vs Nakamura would be a must-see.

Picture this, Styles wins the US title from KO and the new number one contender for the belt is the Artist King of Strong Style. The dream rematch from Wrestle Kingdom that hardcore fans were clamoring for at this past WrestleMania, come true.

Now before you think “But that’s a main event match. It should be for the WWE title,” remember their classic 30-minute match, was not for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, it was for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Their classic match in Japan was not for the main event championship, it was for NJPW’s midcard title.

Therefore Styles vs Nakamura for the US Championship would not only elevate the title to new levels but in some ways, it would be a proper rematch. If this match were to take place, I doubt fans would be upset if these two headlined a PPV or were the main event. In fact, Styles vs Nakamura for the US title would be a great main event, pay per view or not.

That’s enough marking out. What if Owens retains? Well, Owens vs Nakamura would be great. A feud between the Prizefighter KO and the King of Strong Style does not even need a belt to capture the imagination of the WWE Universe.

In fact, KO could possibly get more heel heat than ever in a proper feud with Nakamura. Picture “the New Face of America” constantly running away from the Kinshasa, getting himself counted out or disqualified, etc.

Speaking of proper heel heat…