WWE NXT: 5 Potential Opponents for Adam Cole

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4. Kassius Ohno

Chris Hero is a ghost from Adam Cole’s past and that ghost has been reincarnated in the WWE Universe as Kassius Ohno. Similar to the aforementioned Roderick Strong, Cole and Ohno have a history against one another in Ring of Honor. Cole successfully defended his ROH World Heavyweight Championship against Hero at the ROH 12th Anniversary Show.

So not only do these two share history but their feud was in the main event scene. So as far as NXT is concerned, there is no question of the high-quality matches these two superstars are capable of. In fact, their resumes dictate that any Adam Cole vs Kassius Ohno warrants top billing, if not the main event and NXT Championship of a major NXT TakeOver.

The 6-foot-4, 270 pound Ohno towers over the 5-foot-11, 210 pound Cole. So unlike the hypothetical program with Strong, which could book Cole as a more disrespectful heel; a feud with the hard-hitting Hero would certainly book Cole as a more cowardly heel. So Cole’s heel heat would not be based in insults and cheap heat but spinelessness and cheap wins.

Even though Cole would display more cowardice, he would still be the disrespectful Panama City Playboy he naturally is. So his promos on Ohno could be that of NXT legend. Imagine Cole ripping Ohno over his weight and wrestling in a shirt. Then imagine the pop when Cole finally eats one of Ohno’s big boots.

The Full Sail crowd is already salivating at the idea of chanting a mixture of “oh-no” and “BAY-BAY!” The only real question here is who would be over when they finally met at an NXT TakeOver; because if it is anywhere in Florida, it would most certainly be Cole.