WWE NXT: 5 Potential Opponents for Adam Cole

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3. Aleister Black

The former Tommy End is already performing on the main roster. So if this feud were to happen (in NXT at least) it will have to happen quickly. Which means Adam Cole would probably have to debut in one way or another at the upcoming NXT TakeOver Chicago (There is a precedent, with both Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre).

Black has been a dominating force on NXT since he debuted. He’s arguably had the attention of the WWE Universe since he wrestled Neville as Tommy End during the UK Tournament. Black is over enough with both the fans and management to the point where he is already pinning jobbers on WWE Main Event.

So picture his first loss in NXT is to a debuting Cole. This could be a win-win for both Cole and Black. Cole could win by shady heel tactics, preserving Black’s push while simultaneously putting over the next big NXT superstar.

Black could go to hit the Black Mass, accidently hit the referee, resulting in Cole hitting a superkick while the Dutchman is distracted. Some more heel shenanigans, a Panama Sunrise and Corona Crash later and 1-2-3, Cole gets the upset win over Black. If this were to be Black’s last NXT match before he does debut on the main roster, it could serve as the catalyst for Cole’s cocky heel persona. Claiming he is the only superstar in NXT (or the WWE Universe) to defeat the former Tommy End.

Is this fantasy booking? Yes, but in order to avoid a lackluster start in NXT (like Roderick Strong or Andrade Cien Almas) big free agent acquisitions have to make an impact upon their debut.