WWE Twitter Erupts After Alicia Fox Defeats Sasha Banks on Raw


After Alicia Fox pinned Sasha Banks on WWE Raw, Twitter reactions poured in, mostly going against this.

Since WWE 205 Live went on the air in November, Alicia Fox has become a main part of the show. While Fox hasn’t wrestled on there, she’s accompanied Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar to the ring as their “girlfriend.”

After the Superstar Shakeup, Fox started getting more appearances on Raw. This included on Monday night’s show, where she faced Sasha Banks in the first hour of the show.

In a somewhat short match, Fox defeated Banks with a Scissors Kick, pinning her clean in the center of the ring. It marked an upset, especially with the Boss being a prominent, top-tier star in the Raw Women’s Division since July 2016.

Given this result and the thousands of fans Banks has, there was an outpouring of reactions on Twitter — most of which were in surprise or anger at what just happened.


This may seem like Raw trying to emulate SmackDown Live, with the “Land of Opportunity” nickname the latter has received. Fox hasn’t had many opportunities for the past few years, while Banks won the Raw Women’s Championship three times in 2016, along with main eventing a WWE PPV in October. So she’s very much established, potentially helping Foxy’s status in the Raw Women’s Division.

Does this hurt Banks, though? Some may say it will, with Fox not being a critical member of the WWE Women’s Division, or a viable title contender, for a while. We’ll see what the follow up is for the former NXT Women’s Champion in this situation.

However, could a loss like this trigger a Banks heel turn? This was teased before WrestleMania 33, but never happened. Instead, Bayley — who it looked like Banks would feud with — moved onto Alexa Bliss. Maybe this incites Sasha’s character and moves her to the other side of the spectrum.

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Implications may be incoming for the Raw Women’s Division, after this match. What will develop?