WWE Money in the Bank: All 16 Winners, Ranked

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4. Kane – Money in the Bank 2010

Kane has been with the WWE for over 20 years and he’s had varying degrees of success in story lines and championships.  He’s had as many ups and downs as pretty much anybody in the company’s history.  But I can firmly state that the best work he’s done since being a WWE superstar began in July of 2010 at the MITB PPV and then for the next 154 days as World Heavyweight Champion.  Kane accomplished a few firsts that night in Kansas City.  He became the first man to win the ECW, WWE, and the World Heavyweight championship.  He also became the first man to cash-in the briefcase the same night he won it and with that, he took the record for quickest cash-in at just 47 minutes.

It was pretty surprising to see a guy Kane’s size win MITB.  Usually the success of this match is achieved by smaller, more agile guys.  But not only did Kane win, he performed brilliantly, perhaps the best performance of his career.  He took some big bumps early but then absolutely dominated the final minutes of the match against a field that included The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Matt Hardy.  And the match itself?  It was good, really good.  Not on par with top 2 or 3 best ever, but a solid one no doubt, which Kane played a major role in.

After his cash-in later in the night against Rey Misterio, Kane would engross himself in an insane program with The Undertaker.  Between that and his feuds with Misterio, and Edge, his work as champ carried Smackdown for close to 6 months.  Kane may never go down as the best or most accomplished superstar but he will one day be a hall of famer and as such, deserved this win as much as anyone who’s done what he’s done for the WWE.