WWE Money in the Bank: All 16 Winners, Ranked

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15. Damien Sandow – Money in the Bank 2013

The WWE career of Damien Sandow should be put into an educational video called “How Not To Book A WWE Superstar”.  “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” came to the WWE in early 2012 and was immediately a despised heel.  But not in an ” I can’t stand Roman Reigns’ face” kind of way but more of an “I love to hate this guy” way.  He was an egotistical, repugnant heel who could whip a crowd into a frenzy with just a microphone and some time to talk.

After about a year of varied success, Sandow won the briefcase at MITB 2013 in what was in my opinion, one of the top 5 matches of it’s kind and it appeared he was set for a big push.  And why not?  He had the goods as a worker.  Good in the ring, even better on the mic, good looking, great shape, he had it all.  So it was anyone’s guess why the WWE would waste a moment as big as winning that briefcase just so Sandow could cash it in about 3 months later and lose to John Cena on an episode of RAW.  To compound matters, he spent the majority of his time with the case losing most of his matches in pretty easy fashion.  And even in his match with Cena, he was booked horribly.  Cena, even after just having a match and fashioning an injured arm, Still pinned Sandow clean.

Sandow then fell into obscurity for a while before the WWE universe brought him back to life during his run as The Miz’s “stunt double”.  Once again he was red hot.  And you know where that went?  Nowhere.  Sandow is one of two wrestlers to cash-in his briefcase and lose but it wasn’t just the loss that made his run so disappointing.  It was the WWE’s inability to twice capitalize on a guy that could’ve been a big star.