WWE Money in the Bank: All 16 Winners, Ranked

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13. Sheamus – Money in the Bank 2015

So now we get into the superstars who were successful in cashing in on the MITB opportunity.  Sheamus begins on this list at the bottom because this was the worst briefcase match in the history of the gimmick.  Not to say it was bad, it wasn’t.  But going into MITB 2015, this match had already been wrestled 15 times before and some of the installments were absolute classics.  This match, though, it was just decent.  With guys like Dolph Ziggler, Neville, and past winners like Kane and Randy Orton, this could’ve and should’ve been better.

Plus, Sheamus didn’t exactly set the world on fire after this win.  He held on to the case for 181 days before cashing it on Roman Reigns during the conclusion of Survivor Series.  8 days later, Sheamus formed his new stable called “The League of Nations’ which included Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, and Rusev.  Well, this group didn’t protect their champion as he lost the belt back to Reigns 22 days later and within 6 months the stable disbanded.  Yet another wasted story line.

Since then Sheamus has been teaming with Cesaro and they’ve been good.  Very good in fact, as they were the ones who ended The New Days historic title reign.  But at the end of the day, it’s a far cry from being a world title, main event type guy.  The MITB briefcase is about moving careers forward.  Sheamus has really only gone back.