WWE Money in the Bank: All 16 Winners, Ranked

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11. Alberto Del Rio – Money in the Bank 2011

If an in-ring beating ever earned someone a major win, it was Alberto Del Rio at the 2011 MITB PPV.  The match, a decent MITB showing, also was pretty sloppy and because of that, ADR walked out with the briefcase as well as some nasty looking contusions.  Del Rio wasn’t the stand out here though.  Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, and The Miz were the show-stealers but it was Del Rio who left with the contract.  From there, Del Rio would go on to win 4 world championships and compete as a top heel for a couple of years.

But if we’re basing just this particular win on where Del Rio sits on this list, #12 is appropriate.  He cashed in the briefcase about 5 weeks after winning it from CM Punk, but that title reign only went for 35 days as Punk got his revenge at that years Survivor Series.  A month later he tore his groin on an episode of RAW sidelining him for 6 weeks but upon return continued to wrestle at or near the main event.

Unfortunately for Del Rio, his time in the limelight came and went by faster than he most likely thought.  His win at the 2011 MITB sent him on a 2-year party that ended with a 4-year hangover as he struggled to be recognized as the former 4-time world champion he became.