4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 15, 2017

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A New Team Emerges

Last week, an allegiance was formed between Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax. Eager to earn a future title shot, the dominant Jax has decided to take an interest in watching over the current champion. She believes that the opportunity awaits her in the near future, but she may have a surprise heading her way.

If Bliss has a say in things, there’s no chance she’s going to go along with such a decision. The champion knows that a match against Jax is most likely going to end with her losing the title. As cunning and athletic as she is, Bliss simply cannot match the power that Jax brings to the table. Because of this, she’s smart to act as though the deal between them is genuine.

Assuming that WWE chooses to give the duo a chance to work together for the time being, this team promises to excite. The two are considered to be among the best female athletes in WWE, and they both have personalities which draw fans in. For Bliss, it’s through her overconfident and cutthroat demeanor, and for Jax this is evident through intimidation tactics.

Plus, these two women are known to have a close relationship outside of the ring, having been close friends for some time. This allows them to have a greater chemistry on television, increasing their value to the Women’s Division.

While Jax awaits a chance at the title, Bliss will likely find a new challenger for her championship. Seeing as how Bayley hasn’t received her rematch for the gold, a rematch between the two is a logical step. Expect Bayley and Bliss to meet inside the squared circle sometime in the very near future.