4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 15, 2017

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The Feud With Samoa Joe Continues

Ever since Seth Rollins defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 33, the Architect has clashed with Samoa Joe. The two have been at odds for weeks, and yet they don’t appear any closer to a resolution. No conclusive end is in set for their feud, with Joe in particular stating that things will end on his terms.

Despite repeated attempts, each match between Joe and Rollins has offered no end, only serving to enhance the hatred between them. Eventually, this feud is going to reach a point where a normal one on one contest won’t suffice. Personally, I believe that this is going to lead to a Extreme Rules match. Where this match occurs is open for debate, but the most logical choice is on the horizon.

The Raw-exclusive event Extreme Rules is approaching, and so a match befitting the show would make perfect sense. It’d be a great place to end their feud, especially with the Universal Championship scene up in the air. If Rollins is the one who stands tall at the end of the contest, he could be in line to earn a title shot. Brock Lesnar hasn’t faced the Architect since 2015, making a match involving the superstars very appealing.

An even better scenario could potentially have Joe emerging victorious and entering the championship scene. A clash between the Beast Incarnate and the Samoan Destroyer would be extremely (no-pun intended) physical. Fans are always eager to see destruction, and a match with these two men us guaranteed to deliver that.

Either way, WWE has to continue to create interest in this rivalry ahead of Extreme Rules. Tonight’s episode of Raw is likely going to mark a pivotal chapter in the ongoing battle Joe and Rollins are currently engaged in.