CM Punk Chimes in on Heated Indie Wrestling Debate


Former WWE Champion CM Punk decided to chime in on the indie wrestling debate commenced by Rip Rogers.

For those unaware, Rip Rogers went to Twitter to rip the current state of wrestling, particularly the logic behind independent wrestling. Rogers, 63, has often voiced his passion for old-school wrestling, and how indie matches have quelled that respected art of competition. Not only does Rogers bash this type of wrestling, but he also posts factors about the sport that should be heavily focused on. His overall evaluation of indie wrestling is that it typically depicts an exhibition full of dives.

WWE Champion Randy Orton retweeted Roger’s post, drawing the ire of many fans and fellow wrestlers. Somehow current ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champion Bully Ray got into the mix, as he seemingly referenced the tweet with a picture of him diving.

Orton responded to Bully Ray in a rather disparaging way. However, Bully Ray stated that the tweet had “zero” to do with Orton, and that he was “wrong again.”

Will Ospreay chimed in and said to Rogers, “Yeah…….but I’m having fun & making money so I’m happy………dive.” In response, Rogers stated there was “nothing wrong with that,” and he “did stupid sh*t” when he was Ospreay’s age as well.

Last year, one of the most popular, yet controversial, independent-style matches occurred when Ospreay competed against Ricochet. Ricochet spoke up about the matter, stating, “I just love wrestling, every type. Wish more people were this way. It’s an amazing art that I’ve been blessed to make a living from.”

While CM Punk has made sure to keep distant from wrestling since acrimoniously leaving the WWE in 2014, his passion for the company could no longer be concealed. Punk shared his feelings on Ricochet’s tweet concerning loving every form of wrestling.

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As convoluted as this seems, somehow it all makes sense to everyone sharing their individual thoughts on the matter.