The Rock Mocks His Former Rocky Maivia Character, Joins Elite ‘SNL’ Group


The Rock took to Instagram to comment on hosting the season finale of Saturday Night Live.

The Rock will host the season finale of Saturday Night Live. This will be the fifth time he has hosted the show, placing him in the prestigious “five-timers club” list.

Thankful for the opportunity, The Rock posted on Instagram about his journey in New York, and how he was one a character who was nothing similar in appearance to who he is now.

"“21yrs ago I had my very first match as an unknown punk wrestler named ‘Rocky Maivia’. I dove head first into the fire that night at Madison Square Garden in front of 22,000 tough NY fans. They had every right to boo the sh*t outta me. Instead, they embraced me like a son. Bad hair cut, awful wardrobe and all.“The city & its people will always have a special place in my heart. They launched my career. 21yrs later, I host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE for the 5TH TIME.  Once again, I happily dive head first into the fire, only this time, my hair cut doesn’t look like a f*cking chia pet.”"

As a five-timer, Rock joins the list of celebrity legends including Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Christopher Walken, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Sting (the musician), and Ben Affleck. This is just one of many accomplishments that Rock has achieved as a television personality.

In 2016, Rock was voted sexiest man alive by People, as well as the highest paid actor, earning $64.5 million. Despite these accomplishments, Rock is sure to express how he came from humble beginnings and used his passion for achieving his goals to become one of the most popular people in the country.

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The status of the “People’s Champ” is certainly much better than the “Die Rocky Die!” chants he received from the WWE fanbase during his time of having a “bad hair cut” and an “awful wardrobe.” As his former appearances, this SNL episode should be just as successful.