WWE Backlash’s Top 10 Matches of All Time, Ranked

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With WWE Backlash fast-approaching, we examined the event’s greatest matches. Out of all the historic matches, which will secure a spot in the coveted top ten list?

Since 1999, the WWE Backlash event has been a site for a plethora of important moments and contests. Before making its return last year, Backlash was usually the first pay-per-view event to take place following WrestleMania. The event served as a continuation of feuds that remained unsettled after the Show of Shows, and also featured the development of new rivalries.

As of this writing, there have been twelve separate installments of Backlash over the years. This Sunday, that number will increase to thirteen. If the previous events are any indication, Backlash once again has the opportunity to bolster a strong show. Whether or not the talent delivers is going to be open for discussion, but the potential is there.

Looking back, there were a number of important matches that took place at Backlash which impacted the company at large. Titles changed hands, stars were born, and a number of first-time encounters took place. For a good while, it could’ve been argued that outside of the “Big Four” pay-per-views, Backlash was an integral part of WWE programming.

Ahead of the SmackDown Live-exclusive event this Sunday, we compiled a list of the top 10 matches. There were many matches that had the credentials to join this list, especially when you examine those from the Attitude Era. Still, the purpose of this article isn’t to list the great matches from the event, but rather point out those that fall into an elite tier. It was a surprisingly tough task, however, we’re confident in the list that’s been created.

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So without further ado, here are the top ten matches that occurred at WWE Backlash.