WWE Backlash’s Top 10 Matches of All Time, Ranked

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9. WWE Backlash 2002
Edge vs. Kurt Angle

Heading into the 2002 installment of Backlash, Edge was struggling to find ground as a singles competitor. While Edge was able to find success during the Invasion angle, Edge lost considerable momentum when William Regal defeated him for the Intercontinental Championship. He regained some traction when he emerged victorious against Booker T at WrestleMania X-8, but not enough to push him back up the card.

Similar to Edge, Kurt Angle was prominently featured during the Invasion angle. The Olympic Gold Medalist won his fair share of championships during that time, making a big match at WrestleMania a huge possibility. Originally, it was rumored that Sting was going to face Angle at the event. That idea never came into being, and so Angle wrestled a rather forgetful match against Kane.

By the time Backlash came around, Angle and Edge were determined to put on an entertaining contest. This was also the time where the birth of the infamous “You Suck” chants came about, courtesy of Edge. Angle was livid as a result, making his conquest to humiliate his foe that much greater.

During the match, there were a number of times where Edge was just a moment away from victory. This infuriated Angle, who at one point brought a steel chair into the ring to gain the advantage. The plan backfired, with the chair bouncing off the ropes and straight his skull. A near count followed, which led to Edge going into the corner, signaling for the spear. Charging into his opponent, Edge was caught with a hard kick to the jaw before finally succumbing to a second Angle Slam.

Even though Angle was victorious on this night, a month later he was shaved bald by his rival. Talk about gaining revenge.