WWE Backlash’s Top 10 Matches of All Time, Ranked

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8. WWE Backlash 2003
Goldberg vs. The Rock

At WrestleMania 19, The Rock was able to lift his curse at the Show of Shows and defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin. The previous two times he had attempted to do so at the event, Austin had defeated the Great One and walked away with the WWE Championship. So this was a huge moment for Rock, and it proved to be even greater as Austin retired from in-ring competition.

Celebrating the accomplishment, Rock appeared on Monday Night Raw to gloat about his victory. Moments away from announcing his departure from the company, he was interrupted by a debuting Goldberg. Marching his way to the ring with a chorus of cheers, Goldberg entered the ring and had one goal in mind. Telling Rock that he was next, Da Man leveled the superstar with a devastating spear.

Throughout the following weeks, Goldberg challenged Rock to face him at WWE Backlash. While at first, he was having none of it, the People’s Champion eventually signed on to the contest. It promised to feature two of the most popular superstars from the Monday Night Wars, something which enticed fans everywhere.

In WCW, Goldberg was known for putting on short and dominating matches. The opposite would hold true during his WWE run, as the former WCW champion competed in rather long contests. This match was no exception, and it showed a sign of things to come for Goldberg. Still, this was a highly entertaining dream contest that allowed both competitors to appear strong and credible to fans. At the end of the night, Rock suffered a final defeat before making his way to Hollywood. For Goldberg, his win led to him winning the World Heavyweight Championship later that year.