WWE Backlash’s Top 10 Matches of All Time, Ranked

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7. WWE Championship Match – WWE Backlash 2007
John Cena (c) vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

During the early portion of 2007, the main event scene on Monday Night Raw revolved around John Cena and Shawn Michaels. This marked a huge time in Cena’s career, as this reign with the WWE Championship went down as his longest. Defeating any challenger who stepped up to the plate, the Champ was fresh off a big victory at WrestleMania 23. His opponent in that match; Shawn Michaels.

Although Cena was in the middle of a feud with Michaels, the two were actually the World Tag Team Champions at the time. They had won the titles in January of that year from a duo known as Rated-RKO. Comprised of two top stars in the form of Edge and Randy Orton, the two were arguably the most over heels on the roster. When they lost their tag titles to Cena and Michaels, their partnership began to crack from within. By the time Backlash rolled around, all four of these men were ready for war.

So, the powers that be decided the best way to resolve this conflict was to include all four men in a championship match. Throughout the contest, the action was wild and chaotic, with no clear winner in sight. Edge and Orton tried to reignite their alliance to gain an advantage, but the teamwork didn’t last long. Selfishness hindered the effort, and so the match quickly morphed into a free for all.

In the final few moments, the superstars began to exchange their finishing maneuvers. After hitting Edge with an AA, Cena turned around and received a superkick from Michaels. This caused Cena to fall on top of a prone Orton, allowing him to retain the title. It was a shocking ending, but an entertaining one at that.