WWE Backlash’s Top 10 Matches of All Time, Ranked

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3. World Heavyweight Championship Match – WWE Backlash 2007
The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista

After winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 23, The Undertaker was back on top of the mountain once again. This marked the first time he had been in possession of a world title since 2002. Having already been a fixture of WWE programming for well over a decade at that point, it was a reign he certainly deserved. However, a giant challenge threatened to end the Deadman’s run with the belt before it even got off the ground.

Fuming over his loss to The Undertaker, Batista was ready to strike back against his rival. His first appearance post-WrestleMania, the Animal confronted the new champion and declared he was intent on cashing in his rematch clause. The site of their rematch became Backlash, and it was announced leading up to the event that their encounter was going to be a Last Man Standing match.

On the night of the big match, both men entered the venue ready to go to hell and back for the gold. Batista would deliver spinebuster after spinebuster, took advantage of a steel chair, and even nailed his patented powerbomb. Despite all of this, the champion kept struggling to his feet. Undertaker dished out a great deal of punishment as well, but the challenger wasn’t willing to lose either.

As the action made it’s way up the ramp, the two came dangerously close to the technical area. The champion attempted to throw his opponent off the stage, however, Batista countered and speared Undertaker instead. Both men went crashing through the technical area, with sparks of electricity and pillars tumbling down as a result. Because of this, the men ended up being declared a draw.