WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 15

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Big Cass (w/ Enzo Amore) vs. Titus O’Neil (w/ Apollo Crews)

Result: Big Cass defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall

Rating: 2.0 out of 5 stars

Well, you knew it was coming: Enzo is from New Jersey, so with Raw in Newark you knew there would be some pandering going on. And we got it.

It honestly wasn’t as bad as I feared. And to be fair, even when Titus came out to anti-pander, it wasn’t half bad.

Asking for logic in a wrestling show is sometimes akin to asking for a fork at a sushi restaurant (you’ll probably get it if you press, but everyone is going to think you’re weird for looking for it). But I refuse to believe that a professional athlete – yes, even Titus – would be so oblivious that he wouldn’t know he had a match scheduled. Especially if his “protege” was trying to tell him to focus.

The match was pretty quick, with Titus holding his own for a bit in his $7,000 suit. But he walked into the biggest of big boots for a loss, because after all these years Titus still hasn’t mastered “making it a win.”

Following the match, Enzo does the typical Enzo thing and pokes the bear. He’s like the kid in a classroom who gets told “NO” almost every day, but still can’t help himself. He mocks the Titus Brand selfie, and Apollo Crews stands up for Titus by knocking Enzo down. So, I guess Apollo is sticking with Titus for a little bit longer, huh?

And how about Big Cass after Enzo got his head kicked in? He didn’t run to his buddy’s aid; he just looked at him like, “What are you doing, dummy?” That’s a best friend for you.

Neville and TJP Conspire

Man, these two are breaking up already, aren’t they?