WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 15

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Alexa Bliss Hates Newark

I’ve been to Newark, and I can unequivocally agree with Alexa Bliss about the city. It’s, well, it’s not a nice place.

Denigrating a city aside, Alexa once again delivers an absolute fire promo. Owning the “What?” chants, sounding like a real human instead of an eighth-grade drama club student – she can do it all.

Speaking of eighth graders, out comes Bayley to invoke her rematch clause for Extreme Rules. Maybe not the brightest idea, since Alexa is a veteran of Tables Matches and Steel Cage Matches. But Bayley is all heart, no brains, so she’s got tunnel vision for regaining the Women’s Championship.

And that’s where things get good.

Alexa points out the “extreme” nature of Extreme Rules, and puts Bayley down. Bayley, who’s had enough with the Mean Girls stuff Bliss has been doing, shoves her. It’s not as justified as two weeks ago during the Bliss “coronation” ceremony, but it’s forgiven. Alexa rebounds to incapacitate Bayley long enough to pick up a kendo stick and just wail away.

The kendo stick is a good fit for Alexa, since WWE seems to be all in on the Harley Quinn cosplay. It’s a good substitute for a baseball bat, so I like it. Having an actual “extreme rules” match for the Raw Women’s Championship is also a heck of a lot better than a Tables Match or the like – more opportunity to really get extreme.

Je Suis An Olympic Gold Freaking Medalist

Kurt Angle is a national treasure. We are not worthy of his existence. (Also, The Drifter is getting interesting.)