WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 15

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Source: WWE.com

Golden Truth IS A LIE

Sorry, Luke and Karl, you’re apparently getting the night off.

In a move that is honestly probably long overdue, the Golden Truth are no more. They spent, what, six months in the courtship phase of the team? Remember how long Goldust spent on trying to get Truth to team with him? Then Truth came around but Goldie had second thoughts? And finally, they got on the same page?

This could very well be the end of the longest continuous storyline in recent WWE history.

But the team had definitely run its course. As I mentioned above, their last two straight up tag matches on Raw took place in November and December. We’re in the middle of may. That’s nearly six months between matches (not counting gauntlets, top rope challenges, and the like).

If the team had to break up, it makes sense that Goldust is the one turning on Truth. Goldie is likely winding down his in-ring career, so one last solo run of some import would be a good way to go out. And Truth can be the veteran who holds Main Event together until it’s time for him to head out. But he hasn’t aged a day in about 15 years, so Truth may never retire.