4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: May 16, 2017

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Welcome to SmackDown Live

Tonight, Rusev is making his way to the Blue Brand to acquire an answer to his recent request. A few weeks ago, the former two-time United States Champion made it clear he’s interested in winning gold again. If he were to gain a championship match at the upcoming Money in the Bank event, he’d gladly join SmackDown Live.

Since making his demand, Rusev hasn’t heard from either General Manager Daniel Bryan or Commissioner Shane McMahon. This turn of events is likely to anger the Bulgarian Brute, as he is certainly a welcome addition to the roster. The top officials may not see things that way, and so it’s up to Rusev to change that mindset.

When the time comes for him to address his recent frustration, Rusev must display the aggressive nature that made him such a popular superstar. Whether that’s through cutting a very strong promo or by locking someone in the Accolade, this needs to happen. Otherwise, he runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle. On a show such as SmackDown Live, where there is only so much time for talent to shine, it’s a rather large concern. Rusev has never been known for his skills on the microphone, so he’ll have to showcase his athleticism to stand out.

Now for the big question; can we expect to see the Bulgarian Brute compete for a championship? While it’s likely going to take a bit of convincing on his part, Rusev is going to have title opportunities in the near future. If AJ Styles and Randy Orton retain their respective belts, both are ideal opponents for the heel powerhouse. Only time will tell in that regard, but things do seem promising.