4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: May 16, 2017

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The Viper Falls to the Lone Wolf

Five days from today, Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal. Before the Viper can concentrate on that contest, he must first face Baron Corbin on SmackDown Live. The last time these two met in singles action, Dean Ambrose distracted the Lone Wolf and allowed Orton to secure the win.

Due to the humiliation he suffered as a result of the loss, you can bet that Corbin will be inclined to gain revenge tonight. These two men are popular stars on the Blue Brand, and so another match between them is rather enticing. Similar to tonight’s match featuring Mahal and AJ Styles, interference is likely going to determine the victor. Now, this can occur in two different ways.

The first possibility is to have Sami Zayn come out to the ring and distract Corbin. This would allow Corbin to maintain his stock despite a loss, and would allow Orton a vital win. Although this very well could happen, it’d be unwise for the company to have the Lone Wolf lose back to back contests with the Viper because of interference.

Another option on the table is to have Mahal come out during the closing moments to make his presence felt. Unlike the potential interference from Zayn, Mahal’s appearance could benefit multiple avenues at once. For one, it establishes him as a cunning competitor who strikes at opportunity. Corbin would look strong in victory, and Orton wouldn’t suffer due to the interference. Most importantly, it’d build up interest to the upcoming WWE title match, which is exactly what the company needs right now.

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